Yacht charters we offer to our clients

Miami is a great place to spend a vacation and we won’t judge anyone who spends their whole vacation in this city. But Miami is one of the cities that offer a broad yacht charter service array that everyone should enjoy. Our company is one of a few huge enterprises that rent yachts and crews for charters around the Miami and the Caribbean isles.

We own over fifty yachts that range from small boats that can take on four or five people to large yachts that are perfect for large families or groups of friends. Check our web page for more info on routes and the price as well as more detailed info about our fleet.

Explore the Caribbean isles with us

Our yachts sail all over Caribbean Sea, and this gives you an opportunity to visit incredible locations not known to many people.  One of those places is The Grenadines, also known as Spice Islands. This is a chain of over thirty small islands in the West Indies. If you hate crowds and tourist hotspots, then you will love this place. Islands from this chain are populated by friendly people that will host you. You will experience beautiful culture, exotic landscapes and abundant marine life if you decide to visit this location. We tend to exclude this place from planned tours as locals aren’t too fond of crowds of tourists. They won’t have an issue with small groups up to five people and for that our small yachts are perfect.

Individuals that prefer cruises near the coast should visit Fort Lauderdale. This city is also called “Venice of America” and as the nickname suggests you can visit everything with a boat. Rent a small yacht and enjoy the wonders of the Fort Lauderdale.

Another excellent coastal location that attracts many tourists is the Key West. It is a part of the Florida Keys, an area that stretches over 125 miles and ends at the Biscayne National Park. This tour will take you along with the cost of Florida where you can experience beautiful landscapes that include national parks and all the protected natural habitats they preserve.

The British Virgin Islands is a collection of more than forty islands in the Caribbean Sea. Several of those islands have wooden cabins you can rent for a short while. Another excellent thing about the British Virgin Islands is that it has hundreds of places where you can anchor a boat and enjoy the scenery.

Contact us and enjoy in the Caribbean Sea

A vacation should be all about enjoying in things you can’t enjoy on an everyday basis. Going on a yacht tour around the Caribbean Sea is something you can’t experience every day, and it’s a perfect way to spend your vacation. The Caribbean Sea is full of islands that hold secrets that not many people experience. Many islands are inhabited, and the people there are friendly, but there are some small islands with untouched nature and beaches that you can visit and enjoy in the silence of an uninhabited island.