The beauty of the Florida and its shores

Welcome to the “My Florida Climate” which is a blog about Florida and its shores. We are here to introduce you to the Florida and the beauty it possesses. This blog is more than just a tourist guide to Florida; it’s a blog that is focused on yacht charters whose routes run around Florida.
We will give you info about yacht charters that our company offers as well as tips that will make your journey more enjoyable than it would normally be. If you want more info about our business as well as interesting places where you can choose to go then visit as it contains detailed info about everything you want to know about our business.

Visit the Caribbean islands with us

We offer several dozens of pre-made tours that visit some of the best locations in the Caribbean. If you want to know more about those routes, then read some of our other blogs that go into details on those tours. But the beauty of our offer is the fact that you can rent a yacht here and you can go wherever you want as long as you stick to the Caribbean Isles and the coast of Florida.

We aren’t going to tell you where to go and have fun, but we will give you a couple of suggestions that will make your trip more enjoyable and fun. Those that plan a short (up to five days) trip should consider the Bahamas as their final destination. You can visit Cat Cay, which is a private island and engage in snorkeling and diving near its shores. The coral reefs in this area are perfectly natural, and the number of fish species exceeds any other location. If you are into diving and underwater tourism, then this place is perfect for you.Individuals that are into more active tours should find their way to Nassau and the Exumas Island. This trip can be short if you want to arrive in Nassau without visiting any other places. Nassau is a flashy town where the party continues from day to day. If you are into some Caribbean parties that last for several days, then Nassau is a place to visit. This town also has many attractions that are excellent for children as well as adults as they are something new that is worth the visit.

Our yachts are your ticket to freedom

A holiday is something we all desire and something that we are working for. Our yachts are a perfect choice for those who want to rest from everyday life and enjoy in things they usually can’t. Our offer gives you total freedom to do anything and everything you desire. You can opt for relaxing cruise where you will have a complete peace that will help you rest and enjoy the sea. Those who are more into physical activities will find quite a lot of water sports to enjoy during cruises. Check our page for more info about those sports.